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RareGlo Facial Care System

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This 3 step RareGlo trio is all you need to balance sensitive skin for that healthy glow. Use this system morning and night. For all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Only $35 for the system.

Step 1. *Liquid Raw African Black Soap to cleanse. Rich in antioxidants,vitamins and minerals with exfoliating and nourishing qualities. Comes in Lavender, Lavender Geranium, Neroli Rose, Vanilla Sandalwood essential oil blends and Unscented.

Step 2. *Witch Hazel (sans alcohol or scent) with aloe to tone.

Step 3. *Skin & Hair Serum in Spa Blend (lavender, geranium, lemon and blood orange essential oils) to moisturize and balance complexion without oily buildup.

Get clear skin for that RareGlo!

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