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A Green Smoothie A Day.....

My latest daily self-care habit is starting the day with a green smoothie. I am discovering the many benefits of getting five or more leafy greens and fruit in daily.

Here are some top health benefits of the daily green smoothie.

* Natural weight loss by resetting the taste buds so you start craving healthy foods.

*Boosts dark leafy greens intake like spinach, kale and chard. Fruit like pineapple, lime, strawberries and apples help mask the flavor so you enjoy this healthy smoothie while getting the recommended  servings of 5-9 fruits and vegetables in one sitting.

*Increases energy while boosting nutrition in a quick and easy way.

* Improves mental clarity and focus without the afternoon slump or caffeine related jitters.

* Promotes clear, radiant skin and strong hair and nails. 

I challenge you to add this habit to your daily routine!

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