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Yuzu Curly Girl Hair Gel Duo


The Yuzu Curly Girl Hair Gel Duo is a curly girl's must-have. Crafted with over 45 years of haircare experience, this bundle is formulated with all-natural, paraben-free ingredients and no alcohol, lanolin, or mineral oils. Infused with lemongrass and rosemary, this formula locks in moisture for defined, silky, and shiny curls. Get your perfect look with ultimate curl definition.

Defining your curls and leaving them with shine, RAREGLO  Yuzu Hair Curling Gel helps seal in moisture, so your curls retain their bounce, are easy to manage, and become touchable. With this product, you can achieve a strong hold that still leaves your hair looking shiny and natural while keeping frizz under control.

We offer the most unique hydrating oil that imparts a divinely silky, weightless feel to skin while boosting the appearance of a radiant, youthful complexion. Containing pure natural oils extracted from organic plants, this nourishing formula absorbs deep into the skin without leaving any greasy build-up or residue. You'll notice a visible difference right away.

Yuzu Curl Gel (8 oz) combined with Yuzu Curly Oil (2 fl oz) goes hand in hand for consistent curly hair health and frizz free coils. Just $40.