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Balms vs. Butters...What Is Your Preference?

Is there really a difference?

What is a balm?

A balm is a combination of oily, resinous substance, often of medicinal value exuding from certain plants of tropical trees designed to heal, soothe, or mitigate pain. It also has more of an herbal smell to it!  They sometimes contain plant waxes to help  with spreadability.  It may be stiffer to the touch but works wonders! There are lip balms, beard balms, arthritis balm, and bug glo away balm to choose from.

What is a body butter?  

A body butter is a luxury for your skin  and beauty pleasure. Makes you smell good, softens the skin, and extra effective at rejuvenating extra dry skin! The most effective ingredients include shea, cocoa and mango butters blended with some essential carrier plant based oils. It can come unscented, sweet, woodsy, fruity or floral. Most times it is whipped and fluffier to the touch. Great for skin, hair, hands and feet.

There is a reason to choose one over the other. What do you prefer?

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My natural hair is healthy and always feels great. My kneels are soft to the touch, I do my own pedicure. I always come back to RareGlo. Thank for really good products

Angela Jennings

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