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Which Is Your Favorite?

Which Is Your Favorite? | RareGlo Organic Shea Products
Green tea vs rooibos tea...both are high in antioxidants , helps with your immune system, lowers blood pressure, blood sugar levels and taste great hot or cold.
I love rooibos tea for its nutty, fruity flavor, and it’s ability to reduce stress, make skin look younger, has trace amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium , zinc and copper and being caffeine free.
I also like green tea for some of the same reasons although it’s not caffeine free.
I drink a cup of each daily to stay healthy. Which do you prefer?

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Why Add Leafy Greens Daily? | RareGlo Organic Shea Products

Why Add Leafy Greens Daily?

Happy Resurrection Day. | RareGlo Organic Shea Products

Happy Resurrection Day.

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