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Just Back From My Happy Place!(click for more)

I have been going to Aruba, one of the ABC islands, every year since 1991 only missing 1994. It is my favorite Island on Earth. It is where I go to relax, relate and release. Every major decision I have ever made in my life (ie) working for the airlines, adding cheese back into my vegan diet (Gouda) and eventually adding Fish to my Diet (pescatarian) all made after sitting in the breeze, starring at the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. It is the home of my soul. My hubby, parents, daughters, several of my friends and now my grandson have all been touched by the Magic of Aruba. I can count on a mental reset when I come back to the US. If you haven't experienced it, please add it to your wish list.

My 'must' have product when I go to Aruba is the Bug Glo Away Butter. Don't leave home without it!

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