SKIN & HAIR BUTTER HEAT ADVISORY - RareGlo Organic Shea Products


Just like a box of fine chocolates, whipped shea butter melts in warm weather. The chocolates still taste good, they're just softer. The whipped skin and hair butter still moisturize your skin even though it will feel more like a balm. The whipped consistency also changes. Whipping adds air bubbles to make it light and fluffy until it melts. Then it collapses into half the volume it was, almost half disappearing.

Because RareGlo whipped skin and hair butter is natural, there are no fillers like beeswax and synthetic stabilizers added to prevent this sensitive response to temperature changes like commercial products.

Just place the melted product in the refrigerator overnight and it will go back to its solid form

Keep this in mind as warmer weather and variable temperature exist in transit.

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